-        University Entrance Examination: The admission into undergraduate courses, considering the current law, is conducted mainly by University Entrance Examination (called “Vestibular”), which is planned, coordinated and executed by the Standing Committee of Vestibular - COPEVE, reporting directly to the Dean of Undergraduate Studies.


-        Vacancies in undergrate courses: Besides the Entrance Examination, and respecting the number of vacancies offered, UFSJ may admit holders of a bachelor's degree and undergraduate students transferred from other institutions of higher education for courses in related areas, as specified in its Regulations.


-        PEC-G: Through the PEC-G (Undergraduate Student Agreement Program) the students from developing countries participating in the program can undertake their studies in Brazil. Applications are made directly in the Brazilian embassies in their country of origin.


-        Study Abroad Program: The Exchange Program is open to international students coming from universities with which UFSJ maintains Agreements of Cooperation, which enables them to study at UFSJ for a period of one to two semesters. Please, click here to find more information about this program. 



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