Main Research Groups

Human Sciences

History of the State of Minas Gerais – 18th and 19th Centuries
Developmental Problems
Principles of Educational Practices
Environmental Justice
Body, Culture, Expression and Languages
Online Learning Processes
Knowledge, Subjectivity and Social Practices
Mental Health and Social Reintegration
Scientific Education, Art, and Popular Culture
Psychoanalytical Studies

Applied Social Sciences

Environmental and Regional Development
Strategy, Environment and Quality
Arts and Crafts Research Group
Heritage and Museum Studies in São João del-Rei
Regional Development and Open Economy: methods and application
Education and Research in Responsible Markets
Distance Education

Humanities and Arts

Culture, Representation and Discourse
Interdisciplinary Studies on Feminism, Gender and Sexuality
Drama Studies
Discourse, Cognition, Culture
Research in Archives: Primary Sources
Memory and Modernity
Brazilian Theater
Portuguese Language Teaching

Engineering and Technology

Aerostatic Bearings: movement with no friction
Multi-objective optimization
Predictive Maintenance
Corrosion Engineering
Sustainable Composites
Control and Modeling
Motor Systems Optimization
Materials Chemistry
New Materials
Experimental and Computational Neurosciences
Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics
Bioengineering for Ecological Systems
Bioengineering for Technological Systems and Food Science

Health Sciences

Health Assistance, Ethics and Bioethics
Pharmaceutical Attention and Care
Education, Health and Environment
Medicinal Plants: Ethnobotanics, Bioprospection, and Product Development
Head and Throat Cancer
Life Cycles: woman-child
Physical Education

Basic Sciences

Field Theory and Elementary Particles
Heterogeneous catalysis and Photocatalysis
Biomass Derived Energy
Statistical and Nonlineal Physics
Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
Mathematics and Statistics
Environmental Chemistry
Materials Chemistry
Interfacial Chemistry and Environmental Technologies
Isolation, Synthesis and Molecular Modeling of Bioactive Substances
Theoretical Chemistry and Molecular Modeling
New Materials
Computational and Applied Mathematics
Atmospheric Theoretical Chemistry
Theoretical and Computational Chemistry
Computer Simulation of Complex Systems