The Rectorate is the general administration office responsible for coordinating, implementing and supervising all the university activities, abide by and enforcing the rules and resolutions of the Higher Councils. The Presidentand the Vice-Provost, the rectorate incumbents, are chosen by the university community. By the legislation in force the Rector must be nominated by the Federal President.




 Prof. Marcelo Pereira de Andrade          
          Nomeação: 9/5/2020     


 Profª. Rosy Iara Maciel de Azambuja Ribeiro         
          Nomeação: 14/5/2020




Campus Santo Antônio
Praça Frei Orlando, 170, Centro.
CEP: 36.307-352
São João del-Rei (MG)
Fone: +55(32)3379-5801 / +55(32)3379-5805/ +55(32)3379-5806