The Cultural Winter Festival is an arts and cultural event promoted yearly by UFSJ. Since 1988, it has been held during the month of July and is the largest outreach program of the university. It strengthens UFSJ's public relations through workshops, exhibitions, book launches, seminars, performances and concerts of various kinds, composing a rich repertoire of multiple languages, art and culture.

This event has grown synonymously with the revitalization, promotion and encouragement of various forms of artistic and cultural manifestations, becoming, from its earliest years, a reference in the State of Minas Gerais to the field of culture in general.

Keeping its original format, the 18th Cultural Winter Festival acquired new dimension: carrying out activities in 21 municipalities upon the Trilha dos Inconfidentes on the Estrada Real and visibility nationally, both in print and audio-visual media. Furthermore, a theme is chosen every year, be it a relevant event, a person or a work to be honored throughout the festival.

The promotion of this event of such magnitude has only been possible thanks to regional and national alliances between institutions and local companies who understand the importance of investment in the cultural field. Thus, the actions of partnership have expanded in an increasingly more professional and organized way. Example of action was the realization of integrative activities in partnership with the 21 municipalities and the Cultural Gastronomy Tour with the Associação Comercial e Industrial de São João del-Rei.



  • Provide mechanisms that facilitate the formation and improvement of cultural and artistic community, especially the least attended classes as a way of generating employment and income.
  • Sensitize new audiences for the production and consumption of culture through the establishment and consolidation of spaces for training, reflection and entertainment.
  • Stimulate the exchange of national and international participants as a way to promote art and culture.
  • Encourage the development of cultural tourism in the city and region.

Areas of concentration

Performing Arts, Visual Arts, "Special", Art Education, Visual Arts, Music and Literature.

23 Cultural Winter Festival UFSJ - July 17-31, 2010


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