UFSJ, guided by broader societal interests and committed to the development of its area of coverage, has the mission to produce and disseminate knowledge, linking education, research and extension, and providing an academic and professional training guided by technical-scientific, ethical and humanistic values.


UFSJ aims at being a reference institution in teaching, research and extension in the academic fields to which it is engaged, in permanent dialogue with other institutions and social groups.


1. Stimulate the development of the scientific spirit and critical reflection;

2. Encourage scientific and technological research and cultural production;

3. Promote the dissemination of cultural, scientific and technical knowledge which constitute our human heritage as well as knowledge produced by the Federal University of São João del-Rei;

4. Encourage continuous scientific, cultural and professional improvement.



The Federal University of São João del-Rei is governed by the following principles:

1. An ethical orientation, democratic management and transparency in institutional actions;

2. Free and public education under the responsibility of the Union;

3. Freedom and excellence in teaching, research and extension, as well as socialization and dissemination of critical knowledge, without discrimination of any kind;

4. Connection between teaching, research and extension;

5. Pluralism of ideas and pedagogical concepts;

6. Universality and interdisciplinarity of knowledge;

7. Enhancement of education professionals;

8. Cultural, scientific, artistic, technological, social and economic development of the Region, State and Country;

9. Respect for human dignity, appreciation and practice of justice;

10. Commitment to solidarity among peoples, with the defense of human rights and the preservation of the environment.